Bags & Sacks Adhesives

We offer a full line of high-performance adhesives for Specialty bags and sacks. The bag manufacturing process requires a complex combination of adhesives, and our experts have it down to an art. Cold Seal, Heat Seal, Seceptor Lamination, Side Seam, Bottom Paste, we have it all.

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We have an extensive and proven product line for most applications found on Roll Stock Laminators, Tamarack Patchers, Weber, and W & H equipment. Our products have been engineered to cope with the challenges of open-pot adhesive applicators.

Viscosity and rheology are considered for Flexo-graphic and Roto-Gravure applications in order to safeguard for the cleanest transfer of adhesive and ensure mileage efficiency. Partner with our team in selecting the best adhesive for your production line.

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