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Evans has the flexibility and custom technology needed to partner with package manufacturers in the production of efficient, sustainable packaging. Our collaborative technical approach will ensure you get the adhesive that meets your operational requirements. With an extensive line of product, we offer solutions for the most challenging end-of-line packaging applications, and our formulations have been developed to provide excellent thermal and viscosity stability.

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What We Do

Bags & Sacks

We provide a complete offering of product formulas with various viscosities and solids for every application in the bag industry. Whether you work with paper, film or foil, we manufacture formulas for microwave, handle tie, double wax, sift proof and multiwall. We have also engineered an extensive list of food grade and microwave safe products produced in dedicated manufacturing equipment tailored to the specific needs of your manufacturing equipment. Evans is a one-stop-shop for all of your specialty bag needs. We can provide easy clean-up, environmentally friendly adhesives with excellent hand/feel and enhanced barrier properties. 

Applications include: lamination, heat seal coating, seceptor patch, side seam, front load feature, cold seal, duplex and bottom paste

Folding Cartons

Our team has decades of experience with folding carton manufacturing processes – both high speed, non-contact extrusion and wheel applied seam products, as well as auto bottom applications. We also offer a full line of window application products. Our innovative, next-generation base polymer results in the cleanest running, highest mileage products in the food and beverage carton market. 

The product line exhibits no tailing, clogging or splashing. Depending on our customers’ specifications, our products can be tailored for tack, set speed, open time and added water resistance. Our expert engineers have also incorporated heat and cold resistance into our formulations. In addition, a full line of Evans’ products can adhere to difficult substrates including metallized and extruded polyester. Our adhesives are clean machining, have food contact approval and exhibit deep fiber tearing bonds. 

Applications Include: straight-line folder-gluer, high speed extrusion, wheel, H & S and cates forming, window, cup and tub manufacturing

Litho Laminating & Corrugated Boxes

Evans focuses on solving challenges to the Litho Label and Corrugated Box market. We have lay-flat products for Asitrade, Automatan as well as all other sheet fed mounting equipment. Depending on the end use and substrates, Evans can provide traditional dextrins, hybrid res-dex, PVA and softer VAE and PSA products for laminating any litho material to chip board or corrugated eliminating score-cracking.

We have been supplying the POP Display market for over 40 years. The product line was designed to protect against blistering and curl while exhibiting no strike through. Our full line of flexo-folder gluer products were designed for success in bonding recycled and coated stocks. Our line of PVAs and VAEs run cleanly through all contact and non-contact applicating equipment resulting in deep fiber tearing bonds.

Applications include: all litho mounting equipment, flexo folder gluers non-contact and wheel applications

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