6 Questions to Ask When Starting An Adhesive Analysis

When considering adhesive options, answering a few simple questions can guide you in meaningful discussions with an adhesive supplier to confirm the optimized grade for your operation. Most adhesive specs and grades are very similar and create confusion when comparing this basic data rather than help guide your decision to a workable solution.

1.What application equipment will be used?

Equipment is often already in place and is often not able to be changed. This can determine the adhesive type. Add application specifics like spray, extrusion, hand application, and detection systems to further communicate adhesive requirements. Time from adhesive application to bonding is important.

2. Volume of adhesive per month?

Low volume applications will usually be best serviced with commonly available grades while large volume applications can warrant specialty grades that can be manufactured in the large mixers standard in the industry without excess inventory and cost.

3. What is the material or product the adhesive is used on and/or for?

An adhesive like a packaging grade can be used on wide ranges of applications from candy bars to appliances. Knowing what the adhesive is being used on is a key check to start with looking at the right group of adhesives. Once the use is defined, it is helpful to know what specific materials have been chosen.

4. Special design considerations?

An adhesive may be used for a standard application but on a new product or for a specialty size that requires a unique adhesive solution. If there are several manufacturing locations but different adhesives, what are the differences at each location that warrant a different grade or are the applications standard which is an opportunity for the efficiency of using one grade?

5. Current company targets?

Best practice is to focus on top priority needs for effective execution and adhesives often can align with hitting your targets if this question is reviewed in the analysis. Adhesives may be a small part of the product or package but can help improve on safety, production, waste, and sustainability targets.

6. Standards?

And finally, do you need to comply with standards like UL, US FDA, etc.?

Adhesive Selection Process

At Evans’, we know that industrial adhesive users require a consultation to review all adhesive requirements to confirm the best grade for your operation. Any industrial trial is costly and could shut down your production which is not acceptable.

If you are in need of an adhesive product that works reliably, can be configured into your product line, arrives at your facility on time, and meets your budget requirements, then call or Contact Us today to connect with one of our solutions experts.

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