Importance of Case and Carton Packaging

Most consumers interact with some kind of case and carton packaging almost every day without realizing it. This special, versatile kind of packaging brings you your food and drinks, household products, and many other things you use on a regular basis.

But this crucial packaging category wouldn’t be possible without a specific kind of adhesive, one that’s both strong and durable while also being adaptable for many different uses.

Why is case and carton packaging adhesive important?

This adhesive might sound like a narrow application, but it has wide-ranging uses throughout the packaging industry.

  • Products like dry foods and cereals come in boxes sealed with case and carton adhesive, as do many frozen foods. Most beverages involve some kind of case and carton adhesive in their packaging as well.
  • Outside of the world of food, case and carton adhesives are used to seal packages for many family, fabric, and home care products.

To keep up with these diverse uses, adhesives used for cases and cartons have to be versatile and durable, able to withstand both the rigors of shipping and the varying conditions a product might encounter during its lifecycle.

Consider the packaging used for a 12- or 24-pack of canned soft drinks.

  • These cartons are handled repeatedly in their production facilities and storage warehouses, shipped to grocery stores on pallets, and stored either on grocery store shelves or in refrigerator cases.
  • These adhesives must hold strong not just through the shipping process, but a wide range of storage conditions as well.

How Evans can meet your case and carton packaging needs

Evans offers several hot melt adhesives capable of meeting the challenges of the case and carton packaging world.

  • Each of these adhesives, both synthetic and natural based, are solid at room temperatures but liquid at the raised temperature used during application. Depending on the product need, the application temperature may range between 225 and 425°F.
  • Our ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesive line may be the best example of a hot melt adhesive ready for use in case and carton packaging. Each of our EVA adhesives sets quickly, is waterproof, and offers both heat and cold resistance.

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